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            ҹҡҧժҨҡ÷Ǻҹҵ駰蹰ҹ dzռ ١ շͧ觡ҧҧ ١ Ǻҹ֧¡ҹҺҹҹҡҧ ҪǺҹ֧¹ҹ繺ҹҡҧ
            Ǻҹ㹾鹷ǹ˭лСͺҪվ⾴ ѹӻѧ зӹǹҡ
            .    ⤵ê       ç˹ .. - (ѨغѹªԵ)
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            . غ                 ç˹ .. Ѩغѹ

 ç¹ἹطʹͧѺѡٵʶҹ֡ἹԺѵԡи٭ç¹ִҢͧա֡ 2540
         ç¹ҹҡҧҵ .4   ҹҡҧ . Ѥ .  . شøҹ ӹѡҹࢵ鹷֡شøҹ ࢵ 4 ѧѴСá֡Ң鹾鹰ҹзǧ֡ҸԡèѴѹ 12 .. 2511 дѺ֡ҵж֡Ҷ֧дѺж֡
 Źѡ¹ ( ա֡ 2547 )
дѺ͹ж֡                      19          ˭ԧ 13           32   
дѺж֡                              65          ˭ԧ 45         110  
                               84  ˭ԧ 58   142
ѵǹٵ͹ѡ¹    1 : 2  ӹǹѡ¹ 18 : 1 ͧ
ӹǹ   1 
ӹǹ٪      5 
ӹǹ˭ԧ    2 
1. Ҥ¹                          3 ѧ       
2. ҤûСͺ                               1 ѧ  
3. ç                            1 ѧ 
4. ʹص                          1 ʹ 
5. ʹ                         1 ʹ
6. ʹС                       1 ʹ
7. ͧ                              2 ѧ        6 


ҧǷԾó  Ǻ


Ҫ : 11306

¹ 5 ѹѺش

      Ӽһз 15 / .. / 2552
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      ѵʵѡͧ͹ 15 / .. / 2552
      ҹҡҧ 15 / .. / 2552
      ó 15 / .. / 2552

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